Decompression sickness
Disease introduction
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Decompression sickness

                                            Diving operations, caissons, special high-altitude flights, etc., if the decompression regulations are not observed, nitrogen bubble pressure or vascular embolism may occur, causing decompression sickness. When working underwater, the body is 10m per dive, which is roughly equivalent to increasing the pressure of one atmosphere.详情>

Decompression sickness prevention

                                        1. For divers, especially new divers, medical knowledge should be educated to enable divers to understand the causes and prevention methods of decompression sickness. 2, develop good health habits, establish a reasonable living system, adequate rest before work to prevent excessive fatigue; no...详情>

Decompression sickness complications

                                        Thrombotic brain, hemangioma, hemorrhagic necrotic intestine, colon atresia, congenital absence of duodenum, atresia and stenosis, duodenal vascular compression syndrome.详情>

Concurrent diseases: Hemangioma Acute hemorrhagic necrotic enteritis Colonic atresia Congenital absence, atresia and stenosis of the duodenum Duodenal vascular compression syndrome