Premature ejac
Disease introduction
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Cause of premature ejaculation

                                            Mental factors (30%): This type of premature ejaculation patients can also be called psychological premature ejaculation, and the mental factors that cause male premature ejaculation include many aspects. It should be noted that men’s nervousness in sexual life will continue and will not change due to the sexual life environment...详情>

Premature ejaculation prevention

                                        Daily premature ejaculation prevention 1. Do not worry too much about premature ejaculation. If men have had a premature ejaculation twice in their sexual life, don't worry too much, relax and avoid psychological factors leading to premature ejaculation. 2. Correctly understand sexual life. Men cope with sex life...详情>

Premature ejaculation complications

                                        Common complications are: impotence, nocturnal emission, kidney deficiency.详情>

Concurrent diseases: Yangshuo

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Premature ejaculation symptoms

                                        The clinical manifestations of premature ejaculation are mainly ejaculation too fast. Premature ejaculation refers to premature ejaculation refers to the disharmony disorder that occurs when the woman has not reached orgasm, and the male time is shorter than 2 minutes, and the ejaculation occurs earlier. Generally, 30% of men have this condition. Generally with...详情>

Common symptoms: Sexual intercourse difficulties