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How to make love and love and beauty
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We all want love, love, beauty and beauty not to be passionate because of the time. Well, some laws must be followed. So what are the rules? Everyone may have never heard of it. I will tell everyone, and everyone will know.

10 minutes before love love sports. Before and after men and women love to exercise, they don’t need to be long. Ten minutes is the best. How to exercise? After dinner, it's OK to walk. This way, both the ass and the lower body muscles of men and women can exercise. When I take a bath home, the feeling of love and love is definitely not the same as before.

Eat a kiwi every day. Everyone knows kiwi but does not know it is called "sexual fruit." There are no vitamins, amino acids, folic acid, and other fruits in the walnuts. Eat a kiwi every day, or a kiwi salad, you can keep a good figure, love and energy, in addition to fat, such a good fruit, eat one day should not it?

Love at 10 o'clock in the evening. At ten o'clock in the evening, women are most likely to have sexual fantasies. At this time, what women think of is love and love. The man must seize this time, make a good tease woman, the woman will certainly cooperate with you, love love absolute passion.

Everything has its own rules, love and love. Therefore, if you want to make love, love, beauty, and beauty, you must know more about the laws inside and you can always follow them.

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