Frequent urination, urgency but no urinary pain
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Frequent urinary urgency plagues many patients. Some elderly friends continue to go to the toilet at night, and countless times in the evening, and the urinary urgency of the disease is continually becoming younger. Many young office workers are under great pressure to work. Symptoms of urinary urgency but not urinary pain, seriously affecting life and work, especially in important occasions, urgency has to go to the toilet, and rushed to the toilet during the meeting, especially special sputum, then got frequent urination What should I do with urgency? Let us share the experience together.

The symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, and urinary pain are long and short. Some friends only have symptoms in these days. If they are good in a few days, they may be related to the eating habits of these days. They may drink more water. Or, in the past few days, I like to drink tea, drink soup and other foods with high water content. This is not a disease adjustment.

Because the patient's urinary pain indicates that the patient's urinary tract has no inflammation or inflammation is mild, the patient should pay attention to personal hygiene and clean it every day. This situation may be related to the patient's mental stress. It is recommended that the patient adjust his mentality and face the work correctly. And learning.

Frequent urinary urgency but urinary pain is generally associated with weak kidney function. It is recommended that patients pay attention to conditioning the kidneys. They can go to the doctors of Chinese medicine doctors. If the kidneys are weak, they can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Eat more black foods, which can help the kidneys. Massage the kidneys every day, pay attention to the waist to keep warm.

Patients with frequent urination must keep their own mood comfortable. If you go out as far as possible to drink less water, or bring a water cup, take a small amount of water, do not drink too much water at once, pay attention to eating habits, usually try to eat Some light food, do not overeating, try to do the principle of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Male comrades must ban smoking, drink alcohol, stay up late, and do not have nervous emotions.

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