How to improve sexual function?
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I believe that everyone enjoys sex life, but we all think that sexual function is not strong. Sex life is the key to maintaining our husband and wife life, but it is also very important that sexual function is not strong. Now let me share with you how to improve sexual function. :

First of all, the easiest way to improve sexual function is to exercise hard, so that the functions of our various organs will be improved. If you have a good body, you will be very spiritual and our sexual function will improve.

There is also our state of mind. Improving sexual function requires us not to have too much pressure to entertain our mood. Because the spirit affects our physiology, we can take a variety of postures during sexual intercourse. This is very helpful.

There is also our diet, we should pay more attention to the diet, add more vitamins, eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to the sterilization of our genitals, can not be infected.

If you want to improve your sexual function, don't eat junk food, don't smoke or drink alcohol.

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