Causes of freckles
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When it comes to freckles, it is definitely something that many female compatriots don't want to see. Freckles not only affect the appearance, but also difficult to remove, is a matter of many people's distress. Freckles can cause a lot of inconvenience, which will make people lack self-confidence. If they find a job, they will hit the wall, seriously affecting a person's mental health problems, and even lead to other diseases, so if you want to treat freckles quickly, It is necessary to know the cause of freckles, so as to prevent and treat freckles at all, then let's take a look at the causes of freckles with Xiaobian.

Freckles are a common color spot in our lives, especially for girls who hate to see it. Most of the freckles grow on the patient's face, neck, arms and other parts. The number of freckles increases with age, and the color of the freckles gradually deepens.

The formation of freckles is mainly caused by the excessive production of melanin by the melanocytes of the skin. When the melatonin produced by the pituitary gland increases, it causes pigmentation disorders, and freckles appear. Because women have estrogen, there are more chances of freckles than men. Freckles will deepen in the early and late periods of menstruation, and the color will fade in other times.

Some freckles are also caused by genetic factors, and may also be a dietary problem. If the food contains tyrosine, it will aggregate into melanin under the action of enzymes in the body to form freckles. There is also the fact that the color of the sun will be deeper and the freckles will be deeper.

The important thing to prevent freckles is sun protection, but also to prevent radiation products, eat more fruits and vegetables, pay attention to sleep, eat less irritating food, and maintain a good mood.

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Completely and thoroughly remove the stains! The roots of the spots are hidden deep in the skin. If the melanin "switch" of the cell is turned on, that is, as the cell turns black, the darkened cell will rapidly rise to the epidermal tissue. Wait until the United States Kangben company's stain set consists of Baibi II grape seed capsules and detoxification capsules, effective detoxification while removing spots, from the inside out conditioning, truly achieve the effect of freckle. Color Spot Set (Severe): American 祛 祛 祛 ( ( (2 bottles) + American Detoxification Capsules (3 bottles) + Send Baibi II Grape Seed Capsules (1 bottle) + Freckle Whitening Essence Oil (1 bottle) Severe "Spot The uniqueness of the suit is that it reproduces the line of sight to the root cause of the stain in the long-term perspective, comprehensively systematically regulates and activates the metabolic vitality of the whole human body, follows the laws of skin cell metabolism, and relieves pigment metabolism disorders. The melanin production, metastasis, and metabolic processes are restored to normal, and dark spots are formed on the surface of the skin. As a woman, I must pay attention to my face problems. Acne, moisturizing, sunscreen, whitening and anti-aging are compulsory courses for facial care. So, how can we make the pink and beautiful face never fade? Life Home Xiaobian now provides you with a variety of beauty and skin care information, so that beautiful face is always there, so that your youth will always stay! Cooling the spots with ice cubes and then applying them will have an effect. Natural vitamin C contained in fruits such as lemon can also prevent the formation of pigmentation and edema of the skin. Effective hot and cold care for stains, preparation of items, appropriate amount of ice, containers with hot water, small make-up cotton or facial tissues. The area where the face is most prone to color spots is the area around the cheeks. Because it is the highest part of the curtain, it is most susceptible to ultraviolet light. Hot and cold care can promote blood circulation in the face and repel stains. 1. Cool the face with ice for 30 seconds - 1 minute. 2, choose easy to take ice, apply to the face with spots on the face, 30 seconds -1 minutes is appropriate. 3. Apply the makeup foam soaked in hot water to the cooling part for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Pay attention to adjust the water temperature to avoid scalding the skin. (repeat 1-2 times)

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