Five common mistakes in shoulder joint pain
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Nowadays, more and more young people often bow their heads to play mobile phones, causing frequent pain in the back of the shoulders, especially in the shoulder joints. The main cause of these joint pains is arthritis or joint disease. There are many reasons for the patient's age, gender, and symptoms. However, many people often do not know that shoulder pain is caused by excessive force or arthritis, blind medication or blind treatment, which will lead to worsening of the condition.

Misunderstanding 1: No attention is paid. Many patients feel shoulder pain but ignore it, thinking that it is just a temporary pain, just rubbing the beaten medicine. However, this method is not a cure for the symptoms, and should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in the early stage of pain.

Myth 2: Just stop taking the medicine. Even if a patient immediately goes to the hospital for treatment, but after taking the medicine or applying the medicine, the patient will stop the medicine privately, but at this time the inflammation may only be a part of recovery. If the trade stops the treatment, the injury will recur.

Myth #3: Some patients are accustomed to using massage techniques to relieve pain during shoulder pain. However, massage can only pray for relief, but it cannot be eradicated. And the most important thing is that the shoulders can't be massaged casually, and improper massage will aggravate the condition.

No matter what kind of disease, when you find it uncomfortable in the early stage, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time. Don't deal with the past casually. Many diseases are so small to large, so you must not neglect.

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