How do women get gonorrhea?
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Gonorrhea has always been a nightmare for female friends. In the lives of many female friends, there are many patients suffering from gonorrhea. Once this disease occurs, it will cause great harm to its own health, and it will affect normal life and will spread the disease to Your own sexual partner. Therefore, for gonorrhea, this disease must not be ignored, once found, it is necessary to treat as soon as possible. What about women getting gonorrhea? Let's take a look at it! I hope to help people with gonorrhea!

There are many reasons for women getting gonorrhea. The most common cause is unclean sex life. If sexual life does not pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to get infected with germs, leading to the appearance of gonorrhea. Therefore, sexual life must pay attention to safety measures, wearing a condom can effectively prevent the spread of the virus!

Female friends of gonorrhea should pay great attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness in their daily lives. They should always clean their intimate parts and avoid infection with bacteria. When gonorrhea occurs, it must be treated as soon as possible. Under the guidance of a doctor, the bacteria can be eliminated by the Chinese medicine lotion.

Female gonorrhea can also be treated with physical therapy! During the necessary treatment, patients with gonorrhea should also pay attention to their daily care work. In addition to paying attention to personal hygiene, avoid foods that are too spicy and too irritating, and light foods.

Gonorrhea can not be ignored, this is a great injury to women, so if you find yourself suffering from gonorrhea, you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination and necessary treatment, do not delay!

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