How to acne in winter
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Hello, acne is a chronic skin disease that makes people feel abnormal headaches, but it should be said that in the summer season, the summer is a high incidence of acne, and winter is the incubation period of acne, so the winter is the incidence rate. Good or a cure rate is ideal. Because of the cold in winter, the secretion of oil in the pores of the human body is also reduced, so that it is not easy to cause pores to clog, thus avoiding the appearance of acne. Therefore, we should seize the special season of winter to carry out scientific warfare, eliminate acne, and have a healthy and beautiful face.

First of all, we must know that the essential cause of acne is caused by abnormal secretion of hormones in patients. In fact, the key is that the level of androgen secretion is increased year by year, which is likely to lead to excessive increase in sebum secretion, so we can have more in our daily life. Eat some foods high in estrogen, such as soy products.

Secondly, we must keep our face clean and not let the oil deposit on the face. We can wash the face twice with warm water, soap or facial cleanser every day, keep your face dry and clean as much as possible, and regularly hydrate the mask. Maintenance repair.

Finally, we must develop healthy living habits and eating habits in daily life, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, avoid greasy spicy and irritating foods, and limit the quantity of foods with high protein, high fat and high carbohydrates. Actively exercise and eliminate body toxins.

In fact, there is something in the winter that must be explained. Because the winter is cold, many people will have cleft palate. At this time, we often apply cream, but please note that the cream is very easy to cause pores to block the acne, so everyone Use after weighing.

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