How to treat cervical erosion
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My friend has been suffering from gynecological diseases recently, and that is, I have been taking medication for a long time, but I don’t know what is going on, it’s always been bad. Now I’m looking at the special male treatment of this disease. This time is a leave of absence. The hospital is treating, but I don't know what is going on. This disease has been repeated over and over again. After I went to the hospital, I learned that I had a cervical erosion. In the end, how can I prevent this disease? I don't know how to treat this disease. How can I treat it?

First of all, if the cervical erosion is mild, it can be left untreated. If you have mild cervical erosion, you can take medication, go to the hospital for a detailed examination, and choose the treatment that suits you. Do not use drugs indiscriminately to avoid adverse consequences.

Secondly, if the cervical erosion is an invasive infection of the virus, if it is not treated promptly and effectively, but for unmarried women, it can also lead to infertility, so it is recommended that if it is found to have cervical erosion, it needs timely treatment. It is good to go to the hospital for a treatment.

In addition, it is normal to pay attention to personal hygiene habits. It is best not to have the same room during the treatment of cervical erosion. It is recommended that the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine will not form drug resistance, and the treatment effect will be better. During the medicine, less spicy and hot food will be eaten. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Must develop good hygiene habits, insist on washing the vulva with water every day, pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and light food.

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