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Caring for children with autism approaching the "star children"

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April 2 this year is the seventh "World Autism (Autism Day)" determined by the United Nations. Autism, also called autism, also known as autism, is a developmental behavior disorder with a clear basis of neurobiological abnormalities and social communication as its core manifestation. The child is called a "star child." They have eyesight but they can't focus on looking at you. They have language but they can't communicate with you. They have hearing but they always turn a deaf ear.... It's like the stars in the sky.

The main features of autism are the inconsequential feelings of emotion, refusal to communicate, language delays, repeated behavioral stereotypes, and significant limitations in the scope of activity. It is usually expressed before the age of three. According to estimates by the United Nations, there are approximately 35 million people with autism in the world and China has more than 7 million patients with autism, and this number is still growing. Parents of children who are still troubled by the disease may wish to log on the network of doctors seeking medical advice. A specialty hospital has been introduced here, which has brought together more than 400 hospitals that can treat autism and gathered the directors or deputy chief physicians of various hospitals. You can make free online bookings for expert plus, and you can also conduct free online one-on-one consultations with experts through Business Communication.

It is understood that patients can find specialty hospitals according to diseases, regions, and specialists. The featured hospital has its own page, and the hospital's information is recommended to the home page. The hospital's picture, expert team, equipment, advanced medical technology, address, contact information, and travel route are all displayed in a very detailed manner, so that the patient is intuitive about the hospital situation. Learn to quickly find the right hospital. In addition, featured hospitals also have their own hospital backstage, can publish media reports, hospital dynamics, featured diseases, treatment methods and successful cases, and related articles, and can be displayed on the homepage of the website for the first time, which can increase the hospital's exposure and Traffic can also allow patients to better understand the hospital's information.

Tips: As the age increases, the symptoms of children with autism will become more and more obvious. Parents of children with loneliness should face the reality correctly. When they find that the child is indifferent, and they like to repeat the same action, they will not follow. When other children play, etc., they must go to a medical institution to receive professional treatment in a timely manner. Through psychological, behavioral, physical, and pharmaceutical treatments, after another 2 to 3 years of rehabilitation training, children with autism can expect normal life. .

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