Doctor service

Multi-dimensional promotionEstablish brand value

Personalized websites, photo albums, recorded videos and other diversified promotion methods to create a personal brand for you
expert interview

Authoritative experts interpret common diseases and guide the public to seek medical treatment correctly. Increase your visibility, screen and acquire effective patients. Efficient, rapid and accurate information dissemination and communication with patients.

How much is chronic hepatitis B?

Current expertNo. 162
Chinese doctor's day

Record doctors in the form of documentaries and graphic books, aiming at
Record the ordinary day of the doctor from a third perspective and guide the public
Look at the doctor fairly, maybe you are the protagonist we are looking for


The personal homepage is dedicated to the display of doctors' images and brand promotion, and builds a more convenient communication platform between patients and doctors.

Online guidanceOffline treatment

The new health service method combines online consultation with doctors and offline treatment. Patients from all over the country
Everywhere, as long as you have excellent service, you will be able to guide your patients to the offline
  • Every day, millions of users consult health questions through the Internet. On the platform of seeking medical advice and medicine, you can reach out to patients from all over the country, and provide health guidance to patients in the form of text pictures to answer patients' doubts.
  • Screening experts pay attention to the main purpose of seeking medical advice for doctors, screening target patients for experts, improving the quality of specialist outpatients, leaving more valuable time to patients concerned; facilitating users and increasing visibility.
  • The telephone doctor aims to improve the communication efficiency between doctors and patients, create more medical opportunities for patients, and when do you lead the patient's consultation, whether at the unit, at home or in the field, as long as you are yourself We are willing to assist you in arranging and understanding the patient's condition.
  • Through this platform, doctors can reach out to a wide range of users with health needs, answering questions by telephone as the main working method, and providing continuous, effective, timely and personalized medical prevention and health knowledge guidance to users to solve daily health problems and health care needs.

Health consultant teamAssist in patient management

A team of professional and strong health consultants to help you manage your existing patients and patients who are delivered to you through the Medical Search Platform
Assist doctors in collecting user health records: basic information, lifestyle habits, health indicators, disease information
Continuous patient treatment follow-up: drug efficacy with or without side effects, patient recovery
Coordinate the patient to communicate with the doctor, arrange a follow-up appointment to complete the consultation

Exchange and share, online and offline interaction

To create a first-class interactive space for doctors, you will not only gain academic knowledge, but also be good teachers and friends.

Doctors are serious
Listen to the salon content

Wei Wei Attending physician
Share a healthy and effective lifestyle.

Before the meeting, the doctor and
Staff exchange

Doctors actively participate in the discussion

The moderator announced
Meeting begins

Li Xuedong
Deputy Chief Physician

Sharing the diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface and tear disease

Community residents are active
Participate in public welfare lectures

During the lecture, the on-site residents listened carefully, learned, and actively responded to questions.

The nurse demonstrates the correct labor for the residents
Breathing step

Join the doctor-seeking drug network, promote personal brand, face millions of users
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