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Multi-dimensional promotionEstablish brand value

Personal website, photo albums, video recording and other diversified promotion methods, all for all to create your own brand
expert interview

Authoritative experts for the interpretation of common diseases, and guide the public to the proper medical treatment. Increase their own visibility, screening, access to effective patients. And patients with efficient, rapid and accurate information dissemination and communication.

Chronic hepatitis B know how much

Current expert Dr TongNo. 162
Chinese doctor's day

A true record of the doctor in the form of a documentary and a graphic book, intended to be
Record a third day ordinary doctor's day to guide the public
Just look at the doctor, maybe you are the protagonist we are looking for


Personal home page dedicated to the doctor image display, branding, building a more convenient platform for communication between patients and doctors.

Online guidanceOffline clinic

A new health service that combines patient online counseling with physician line-of-treatment. Patient from all over the country
All over, as long as you have a good service, will be able to guide you to patients offline
  • Every day millions of users through the network consulting health problems, you can access to patients from all over the country, in the form of text images, the patient's health guidance to answer the patient's doubts.
  • Screening experts concerned about the patient is the main purpose of seeking medical service network to serve doctors, screening patients for the purpose of experts, improve the quality of out-patient clinic, the more valuable time left to the attention of patients; user-friendly and enhance visibility.
  • The phone doctor aims to improve communication efficiency between doctors and patients and create more medical treatment opportunities for patients. At your own time, you will receive consultation from patients, whether at the unit, at home or in the field, as long as you Willingly, we will help you to arrange and understand the patient's condition and help.
  • Through this platform, doctors can reach out to a large number of users who have health needs and take telephone answering as the main working method to provide users with continuous, effective, timely and personalized medical preventive health knowledge guidance to solve daily health problems and health care needs

Health advisory teamAssist patient management

A team of professional and competent health consultants to help you manage existing patients and deliver them to you
Help doctors collect user health records: basic information, lifestyle, health indicators, disease information
Continuous follow-up of patients with therapeutic effects: drug efficacy with or without side effects, patient recovery
Coordination of patients and doctors to communicate, arrange referral appointments throughout the hospital

Exchange sharing, online and offline interaction

Create a first-class space for interaction between medical groups, you not only gain academic knowledge, as well as mentors

The doctors are careful
Listen to the salon content

Wei 帼 attending physician
Share to create a healthy and effective dietary lifestyle.

Before the meeting, the doctor and
Staff exchanges

Doctors actively participate in the discussion

Host announced
The meeting begins

Li Xuedong
Deputy Chief Physician

Share eye and tear disease diagnosis and treatment

Community residents positive
Attend lectures

During the lecture, the residents at the scene carefully listened, studied and actively raised questions

Nurses demonstrate correct labor for residents
Breathing steps

Joined the search and medical network to promote personal brands, face tens of millions of users
By certification you can enjoy personal home page