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Resident Investment Manager (Guangdong, Shanxi...[Shandong] Beijing First Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Monthly salary:10000-14999Academic requirements:College and aboveProfessional requirements:Medicine, pharmacy, biologyjob title:Unrestricted titleexperience:Unlimited experience

Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for customer development and investment negotiation in the responsible area of ​​the company's pharmaceutical products; 2. Responsible for the integrated management of regional market distributors; 3. Improve products in...

Release date:2018-09-21
Provincial Manager / Regional Manager / Merchants...[Hebei] Anhui Shimao Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.
Monthly salary:NegotiableAcademic requirements:Not limited to academic qualificationsProfessional requirements:Not limited to professionaljob title:Unrestricted titleexperience:Unlimited experience

Responsible for more than 3 years of work experience in investment promotion or clinical positions, with innovative thinking and pioneering spirit. Have a certain local investment customer resources, good personal ability and integrity for the pharmaceutical industry...

Release date:2018-09-21
Analysis project leader[Beijing] Beijing Xingyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Monthly salary:6000-7999Academic requirements:Bachelor degree or aboveProfessional requirements:Medical specialtyjob title:Unrestricted titleexperience:Unlimited experience

Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above in drug analysis, with many years of work experience. 2. Can independently undertake new drug quality research and stability test projects, familiar with medicines...

Release date:2018-09-21
Researcher, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Research Department[Beijing-Daxing District] Beijing Xingyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Monthly salary:NegotiableAcademic requirements:Bachelor degree or aboveProfessional requirements:Pharmacy or drug analysisjob title:Unrestricted titleexperience:Unlimited experience

Requirements: 1. More than 1 year experience in research and development of new drugs; 2. Please describe the related projects in the resume; 3. Have a strong overall concept of the project and data analysis and processing capabilities,...

Release date:2018-09-21
Regional Manager (North China)[Shandong] Fujian Minglong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Monthly salary:20000-29999Academic requirements:College and aboveProfessional requirements:Not limited to professionaljob title:Unrestricted titleexperience:Unlimited experience

Job responsibilities: 1. According to the company's marketing strategy, develop sales plans and target decomposition; 2. Ensure the development of marketing networks, regularly adjust channel channels and rational layout;

Release date:2018-09-21
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