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[orthopedics] A year ago, I had a vertebra burst fracture and went to the doctor. 0 ? unsolved 20 minutes ago
[orthopedics] Condition Description: 5 months ago, turning to the knee 1 solved 2 hours ago
[orthopedics] What is the suspicious density reduction zone on the left humeral head? How did it make 1 solved 4 hours ago
[orthopedics] Hello, my son is missing half of the left side of the four-five 1 solved 4 hours ago
[orthopedics] Playing games often bends in the middle of the ribs. 1 solved 5 hours ago
[orthopedics] Hello doctor, I am riding a bicycle and falling behind my toes. 1 solved 5 hours ago
[orthopedics] The right foot has a broken thumb. Do you need external fixation? 1 solved 6 hours ago
[orthopedics] What is the bone headache in the deltoid muscle of the left arm? 1 solved 6 hours ago
[orthopedics] He was beaten by others to June 27 1 solved 8 hours ago
[orthopedics] Left humerus pathological fracture 1 solved 9 hours ago
[orthopedics] I have different sides on the back. What is the original? 1 solved 11 hours ago
[orthopedics] The feathers on the knees stretch over the plaster. With thirteen days later 1 solved 12 hours ago
[orthopedics] Male, 26 years old, with knees bent over and straight on the knees 1 solved 13 hours ago
[orthopedics] The knee is particularly painful when the knee is bent and straight, I don’t know. 1 solved 13 hours ago
[orthopedics] How is an orthopedic hospital? 1 solved 13 hours ago
[orthopedics] Waist pain in the waist, burning sensation, hard pain in the morning 1 solved 14 hours ago
[orthopedics] What to do during the accumulation of water in the knee, need to make water in the knee in the rainy day 1 solved 16 hours ago
[orthopedics] My son was accidentally hugged and fell a head 1 solved 21 hours ago
[orthopedics] Run up the knees to the knees, and feel the acid inside 1 solved 21 hours ago
[orthopedics] I found this situation for two years, I don’t know what 1 solved 23 hours ago
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