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[Occupational disease] What rubber production workers eat can prevent occupational diseases or say 1 solved 2016-08-04
[Occupational disease] Why Benzene Occupational Diseases Set the Follow-up Time as Blood Recovery Ten 1 solved 2017-03-16
[Occupational disease] What are the qualifications of argon arc welding occupational diseases? 1 solved 2016-05-08
[Occupational disease] Can I prevent occupational disease when it cannot be changed? 1 solved 2016-09-15
[Occupational disease] Hello, I have dust in the furniture factory to have occupational disease 1 solved 7 months ago
[Occupational disease] What occupational diseases work in shoe factories can resist the position of shoe factory 3 solved 11 months ago
[Occupational disease] I would like to ask what drinks companies need to check for occupational diseases 4 solved 2016-07-24
[Occupational disease] Inhaled exposed asbestos will result in asbestos lungs 3 solved 2016-03-30
[Occupational disease] I want to check for occupational diseases before leaving office 3 solved 2016-08-24
[Occupational disease] I have an early occupational illness regardless of whether I'm at work or rest from 6 o'clock. 5 solved 4 months ago
[Occupational disease] Dear doctor, hello. I'm in powder 1 solved 2 months ago
[Occupational disease] Home old house renovated in kitchen house 1 solved 2 months ago
[Occupational disease] My father detected invasive lung adenocarcinoma in February 1 solved 2 months ago
[Occupational disease] Long-term exposure to chemicals is poisonous and harmful. Headache! 1 solved 9 months ago
[Occupational disease] What is the line of poisoning in the hospital? 1 solved 9 months ago
[Occupational disease] We train a training course on injury prevention to engage in a small lecture contest 1 solved 11 months ago
[Occupational disease] Pneumoconiosis? ? ? ? ? ? ? ! 1 solved 2017-04-17
[Occupational disease] Use poor quality toilet paper to wipe your baby's nose 1 solved 2017-03-06
[Occupational disease] Can coal lungs cure? 1 solved 2017-02-25
[Occupational disease] Asbestos lung treatment 2 solved 2017-02-17
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