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[Occupational disease] Long-term exposure to chemical toxic and harmful, headache! 1 solved 2 months ago
[Occupational disease] What is the line of poisoning in the hospital? 1 solved 2 months ago
[Occupational disease] We train a training course to engage in a small lecture 1 solved 4 months ago
[Occupational disease] Pneumoconiosis The The The The The The The 1 solved 6 months ago
[Occupational disease] With a poor quality toilet paper to the baby wipe the nose 1 solved 7 months ago
[Occupational disease] Can silicosis cure? 1 solved 7 months ago
[Occupational disease] Asbestos lung treatment 2 solved 8 months ago
[Occupational disease] Is there any case of coal sickness? 1 solved 8 months ago
[Occupational disease] Hello doctor I want to do occupational disease identification need to go where I am 2 solved 11 months ago
[Occupational disease] Is to check out the Guangzhou outpatient cadmium poisoning, but hospitalization, complex 3 solved 12 months ago
[Occupational disease] Whether it will lead to occupational diseases 1 solved 2016-10-12
[Occupational disease] Silicosis three times how to do 3 solved 2016-10-07
[Occupational disease] Pneumoconiosis in your hospital can treat! Whether it can wash the lungs 1 solved 2016-09-21
[Occupational disease] I work in a chemical plant 3 solved 2016-09-15
[Occupational disease] Arm pain treatment 8 solved 2016-09-14
[Occupational disease] Will you doctor, emphysema there is no good point to buy medicine, 5 solved 2016-09-12
[Occupational disease] What is the method of phlegm 4 solved 2016-09-09
[Occupational disease] Coal and lung treatment methods and cost 3 solved 2016-08-25
[Occupational disease] Identification of occupational diseases 2 solved 2016-08-24
[Occupational disease] Ready for pregnancy, sincerely look forward to your reply! 3 solved 2016-08-19
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