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[Otolaryngology] Hello, my throat hurts. 0 ? unsolved 25 minutes ago
[Otolaryngology] Haircut behind the ear was smashed 1cm 1 solved 25 minutes ago
[Otolaryngology] Chronic pharyngitis has always been intermittent throat inflammation, flat 1 solved 1 hour ago
[Otolaryngology] Allergic rhinitis Continuous sneezing 1 solved 2 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] What is the upper body rash after the inflammation of the tonsils becomes feverish? 1 solved 2 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] Does Furema Nasal Liquid Treat Allergic Rhinitis? 1 solved 3 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] Two millimeters before the right ear lobe, similar to the grainy hard under the cortex 1 solved 5 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] 91 years, men get up in the morning or take a bath after 1 solved 7 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] The only time I found the chin was awkward, I didn't have it before. 1 solved 7 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] Itchy inside both ears 1 solved 7 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] The place where I circle in the picture is nose hair 1 solved 7 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] About 2cm below the earlobe, there is a 1 solved 8 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] My ears are a little boring, but I can hear the sound. What kind of thing is this? 1 solved 8 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] This all coughs for a week, then one day 1 solved 14 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] My throat sometimes hurts 1 solved 16 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] Description of the problem: (male, 2 years and 4 months) late 1 solved 16 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] The outer ear has a long bag and the bag has blackheads 1 solved 17 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] I have a hoarse voice for 20 years but nearly 2 years 1 solved 18 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] The haircut broke the skin behind the ear and it would 1 solved 18 hours ago
[Otolaryngology] During this period of time, nosebleeds will occur. 1 solved 18 hours ago
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