In order to shape the doctor's image in the patient's heart and improve the doctor's influence in the internet age, the communication and cohesion between doctors and doctors, doctors and patients are enhanced. Seeking medical advice network special organized a "point disease will" series of activities. This activity consists of offline medical salon and community lectures. Doctors can recommend themselves as lecturers, recommend expert lectures and sign up for offline salon. On this platform, you can receive mentors, gain clinical experience and academic knowledge, and display your own Talent in front of the public! Seek medical advice network look forward to your joining!

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 Chinese medicine drives off the disease by regulating its own immunity, and western medicine directs against the disease to eliminate the disease through the medicine. Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of post-rehabilitation recovery suitable for chronic disease. Western medicine treatment is directly applicable to acute treatment. According to the above view, the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine is the general trend of future medical development. Therefore, seek medical treatment network of Chinese medicine and Western medicine together into the second gravel family community.

Salon event information

organizer:Seeking medical and drug network

Lecture Theme:"Seeking medical advice network community line --- Integrative Medicine"

Lecturer:Mu Jun Sheng (Anzhen Hospital Cardiac Surgery Chief Physician)

Lecture time:2015-7-29 9: 30-11: 30

Event Location:Suojiafen second community neighborhood

Participate in gifts:Seek medical advice provided by the towel & phone holder

Activity flow

14: 30-14: 55Sign into the admission
15: 00-15: 10Host introduction
16: 10-16: 20On-site questioning
16: 30-16: 35Give gifts
15:00The lecture begins
15: 10-16: 10Master lecture
16: 20-16: 30The lecture ended

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