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Good at disease: digestive diseases, rheumatism, skin diseases

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  • Name:Dong Shulin
  • job title:Attending physician
  • Department:Internal Medicine
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Good at disease: Digestive disease, rheumatism,skin disease Hospital:                          Bazhong medical examination clinic

Personal profile: I am a military hospital retired military doctor, graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University, successively in the Lanzhou Military Region General Hospital, the PLA 3 Hospital, the Fourth Military Medical University and affiliated Xijing Hospital and Tangdu Hospital, after the Ministry of Health Dalian training base and other training Learn and work...


Good at disease: Digestive, rheumatism, skin diseases

Hospital: Bazhong Medical Examination Clinic

Personal brief introduction: I am a military hospital has retired military doctor, graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University, successively in the Lanzhou Military Region General Hospital, the PLA 3 Hospital, the Fourth Military Medical University and affiliated Xijing Hospital and Tangdu Hospital, after the Ministry of Health Dalian training Bases and other advanced studies and work. Attending physician, outpatient director, 25 years of clinical work experience. He has worked in major surgery for five years and is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of common and orthopaedic common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases and carries out operations. He has worked for six years in the department of internal medicine and acted as director of the Department of Internal Medicine for three years, serving as director of outpatient departments for four years as part-time acting dean for one year. Half of them have brought out more than 10 technical backbones for the unit and published 3 papers at all levels of medical journals. She is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of internal and external pediatric and pediatric diseases, dermatological diseases, and frequently-occurring diseases of the male reproductive system. He has research on cross-sectional and cross-sectional difficult cases and various miscellaneous diseases, Chinese acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of chronic diseases. Skilled use of B ultrasound, ECG, ECG monitor and other commonly used medical equipment, skilled diagnosis and treatment of various critically ill patients.

goutHave you got gout to cure?

Analysis of the problem: Gout is a disease of abnormal purine metabolism in the body, and it is generally easy to occur at the end of the limb. Suggestions: The main reason is to pay attention to eating habits. Drink plenty of water, do not eat seafood, quit smoking, especially beer, do not eat the internal organs of animals. Can oral carbonate...

Reply time: 2015-07-01 14:49:00

Internal medicine otherWhat's wrong with pulling a stool that pulls out many things like a puppet?

Problem Analysis: Hello, then it is recommended to consider in a timely manner is to the hospital to check to see if B-is not because of too many locusts caused the situation, suggestions:Look to see if there is no pain situation, need to do not need to timely pests Treatment of the condition, drug treatment

Reply time: 2015-07-01 13:55:45

Internal medicine otherAfter the meal, my hands become hot and I feel a bit numb.

Problem Analysis: Your situation may be seen on the one hand when eating, metabolism is accelerated, and the blood circulation is accelerated. The other is the need to investigate the possible causes of the inferior nerves. Need to check further and be clear. Suggestions: Usually pay attention to reasonable arrangements for daily life......

Reply time: 2015-07-01 13:17:23

hypertensionCerebral thrombosis, hypertension, diabetes, feeling uncomfortable, hands and feet, now...

Problem Analysis: Hello According to your description of your situation may be due to cerebral arteriosclerosis caused by cerebral infarction. Can be given blood circulation and vasodilator drug treatment, acute phase can be intravenously administered, such as Danhong injection, Xuehangtong injection, Mailuoning, etc., while with lipid-lowering ... ...

Reply time: 2015-07-01 12:48:52

NephritisMy father is 58 years old and has a certain degree of nephritis. His medical history is about 3 years. Recently...

Problem Analysis: The examination results you provided suggest that the lesions are in the glomerular filtration membrane. The urine light chain is to check the urinary immunoglobulin, and the mild hyperplasia suggests glomerular lesions. Suggestions: It is recommended that low-salt, low-fat diets, avoid fatigue, regular work schedules, and facilitate the recovery of kidney disease.

Reply time: 2015-07-01 12:27:49
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