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Liu Xinping National secondary counselors

Stationed doctorPsychology

Contracted family: 682

Good at: young children psychological counseling, marriage and family, gender relations, parent-child relationship, affective disorder, interpersonal communication, college counseling, career planning and career guidance, sexual counseling ...

Yi Xueyan National secondary counselors

Personal Counseling CounselorPsychology

Contracted family: 36

Good: marriage, workplace, interpersonal, parenting, emotional distress depression anxiety. Behavioral disorders, various types of neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis, phobia.

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Yang Jianxin Attending physician

Honghe Second People's HospitalPsychiatry

Contracted families: 0

Good at: all kinds of mental illness, severe mental illness, physical and mental activity caused by mental disorders.

Wang Gongqiang Chief physician

Anhui University of Chinese Medicine Neurology Research ...Psychiatry

Contracted families: 0

Good at: neuropsychological disorders, sleep disorders, psychological counseling and psychological treatment of marriage and family

general practitioner

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