family doctor



Liu Xinping Physician

Resident doctorPsychology

Signed family: 717

Good at: Psychological counseling for adolescents and children, marriage and family, sexual relations, parent-child relationship, emotional disorders, interpersonal communication, psychological counseling for college students, career planning and employment guidance, sexual counseling...

Zhang Lei Physician

Beijing Yanqing County HospitalPsychology

Signed family: 26

Good at: anxiety, psychological adjustment of depression, psychological assisted treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurasthenia, phobia, parent-child relationship conditioning, couples emotional distress, and children's universal psychological...



佟靓 Attending physician

Yunnan Psychiatric HospitalPsychiatry

Signed family: 6

Good at: psychiatric diseases: schizophrenia, mood disorders, psychosomatic disorders, mental disorders caused by addictive substances, and elderly mental disorders.

Wang Fei Deputy Chief Physician

Luzhou Third People's HospitalPsychiatry

Signed family: 20

Good at: diagnosis and treatment of refractory schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol dependence, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and elderly-related mental illness.

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