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Li Xiaolan Attending physician

Zhangjiakou City Second Hospitalother

Contracted families: 1

Good at: I am good at all kinds of medical imaging inspection, especially good at CT and MRI diagnosis.

Tan Yi-ching Deputy Chief Physician

Wuhan Third Hospitalother

Contracted families: 5

Good at: tubal blockage, poor tubal pass, hydrosalpinx, ectopic pregnancy, liver cancer, hemangioma, kidney cancer, body and upper and lower extremity vascular lesions.

Wang Tao Li Attending physician

Shanghai Yang rehabilitation hospitalother

Contracted families: 3

Good at: bone and joint diseases, sports injuries, coronary heart disease and stroke rehabilitation

Cui Bo 鸾 Deputy Chief Physician

Tianjin Changzheng Hospitalother

Contracted family: 69

Good at: image inspection data analysis. Health Advisory. Nutritional guidance. Dermatology consultation.

Wang Yuanjiang Attending physician

Wei County People's Hospitalother

Contracted families: 1

Good at: gastritis, gastric ulcer, constipation, mole sores, Internet addiction, diabetes, online dating, and other medical or mental illness

Li Zhen Physician

Weifang Medical College Hospitalother

Signed families: 35

Good at: Internal medicine critically ill, compound trauma, heart, lung, brain, kidney and other multiple organ failure

Zhang Qiang Physician

Wanquan County Center Kongjiazhuang hospitalother

Signed families: 158

Good at: gastritis, gastric ulcer, diarrhea, colitis, gout, arthralgia, hiccups, for Western medicine and other miscellaneous diseases have systematic learning and experience accumulation

Zhu Chunyan Physician

Dadukou District of Chongqing eight bridge hospitalother

Contracted families: 1

Good: I am good at: child care, infant feeding, infant eczema, constipation, diarrhea, kindergarten primary and secondary common infectious diseases, iron deficiency anemia, trace element deficiency, rickets ...

Lin Hongyu Attending physician

Jixi Mining Group General Hospitalother

Contracted families: 0

Good at: X Xianxu, CT, MRI diagnosis of general diseases, mainly on cerebrovascular disease, aneurysm, brain demyelination, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, pediatric pneumonia, bronchus ...

Zheng Zexi Physician

Bao'an District, Shenzhen Shiyan People's Hospitalother

Contracted families: 1

Good at: Radiation diagnosis of various diseases, especially CT diagnosis of cardiothoracic diseases: such as emphysema, pleural effusion, lung traumatic changes, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, pneumoconiosis, cotton ...

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