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Li Jianqiang Attending physician

Tangshan People's Hospitalorthopedics

Signed family: 273

Good at: engaged in orthopaedics for 16 years, has unique insights in the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of various fractures, and is good at various diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, shoulder and elbow knee joints.

Sun Jian Attending physician

Weihai City Hospitalorthopedics

Signed family: 468

Good at: general surgery all kinds of diseases, such as breast cancer, breast benign tumor, thyroid disease, appendicitis, various abdominal cramps, colon cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, has a wealth of general surgery ...

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Mei Dongxi Physician

Shanghai Children's Medical CenterCardiothoracic surgery

Signed family: 33

Good at: emergency treatment of trauma, common surgical diseases, common pediatric surgical diseases, diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease.



Mao Jiannan Physician

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospitalneurosurgery

Signed family: 33

Good at: neurosurgical diseases: craniocerebral trauma, hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, glossopharyngeal neuralgia, Parkinson surgery, hydrocephalus, intracranial glioma, meningioma...

Zhang Min Attending physician

Xingtai Medical College Second Affiliated Hospitalneurosurgery

Signed family: 38

Good at: Neurosurgery common diseases, such as brain injury, tumor, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, cerebrovascular disease and other diseases diagnosis and treatment, preoperative and postoperative precautions, prevention of complications, all ...

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Zhang Yongjie Deputy Chief Physician

Air Force General HospitalGeneral surgery

Signed family: 1368

Good at: General surgical diseases; Skin and systemic inflammatory diseases. Trauma surgery. Abdominal surgery; Stomach, duodenal perforation, acute abdomen, anorectal, bone-injured bone disease.

Li Minghui Chief physician

Danjiangkou City First HospitalGeneral surgery

Signed family: 26

Good at: Anorectal diseases: Treatment of various anal diseases such as fistula, anal fistula, anal fissure, perianal abscess, and rectal polyps; use traditional Chinese medicine oral administration and retention enema to treat colitis, proctitis, etc.

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