family doctor

The family doctor service is a convenient consultation service provided by doctors in the national second- and third-third public hospitals for the majority of users with health needs through the doctor-seeking and drug-seeking platform. One-on-one telephone consultation, one-person signing, and the whole family share!

Provide medical advice

The first diagnosis of the condition: the family doctor will make a preliminary judgment for your condition and provide some advice on medical treatment. Daily health problem consultation: usually have some physical discomfort, first consult the family doctor, make a preliminary judgment, can adjust it yourself, do not need to go to the hospital for a white run; need to go to the hospital, know in advance what preparations should be made to avoid blind medical treatment, reduce Repeated hard work.

Conduct health guidance

The family doctor will provide you and your family with a healthy living guide based on your usual life. For example: Does a child have a headache and a hearty stomach? Do you have to go to the hospital right away? After purchasing the family doctor service, in the face of these problems, you can get professional guidance with just one phone call.

Improve awareness of disease

Family doctors can alleviate your panic about illness and raise awareness of the disease. Work pressure, work overtime every day, how to adjust your body, which discomfort needs attention. You can choose to consult with your doctor and have a one-on-one communication with your doctor.

Take care of your health

The health consultant will collect comprehensive health information from you and your family, and then the family doctor will provide you with comprehensive and caring health services, including family health risk assessment, family health guidance, medical advice, daily health consultation and other services.

Assist in efficient medical treatment

Based on the basic health information of you and your family, as well as the dynamic changes of your health information, the family doctor will provide you with advice on the appointment of the second-level department, specific examination items, and inspection recommendations to achieve accurate triage and greatly shorten the time for medical treatment. Achieve efficient and convenient medical treatment.

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