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  • Du Liangui said:Hello. Like it. Life is seventy. Everyday singing and offering. Only Feng
  • Du Liangui said:Hello. I can’t say that I can’t do it. If it’s not good, I need to make my scale.
  • Chen Jianmin said:What is the performance based on?
  • Du Liangui said:Hello. A cancer... although not a genetic disease, but there is a certain inheritance
  • Huang Chunyan said:Yes
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5 foods that will make you live longer..

When it comes to longevity, almost every year people update their longevity food “ranking list”, such as:


Li Tiehong: Moisture does not remove all diseases..

Moisture is a word in Chinese medicine. The old saying goes: "Thousands of colds are easy to remove, and it is difficult to get wet. Wet and sticky,..


Member Du Yuansheng: Strictly treating doctors..

Gray interest is a shameful label that Chinese hospitals can't erase, eat kickbacks, take commissions, ..


Three ministries: electronic eye tube living doctor..

The day when the doctor gives the patient more medicine to check it out, I really have to say goodbye because there is a pair of "..


alert! 8 kinds of ceftriaxone sodium..

In recent years, with the increasing clinical application of ceftriaxone sodium, its adverse reactions have also been reported.


In-depth interpretation: whether Chinese herbal medicine..

Chinese medicine is the quintessence and treasure of China, and it is also the development of new treatments for various diseases.


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Gastric duodenal ulcer perforation

Male, 30 years old, 4 hours of abdominal pain, emergency admission 5 hours advance overeating, feeling abdominal discomfort after drinking, 4


Acute severe pancreatitis

Female, 60 years old, upper abdominal pain 2 days 2 days after eating, 1 hour after eating, the upper abdomen is in the middle of the pain, gradually increasing, continuing


Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis

Male, 13 years old, due to high fever, headache, frequent vomiting for 4 days. The patient suddenly had a high fever of 40 °C 4 days ago.


Summary of treatment plan for tuberculosis

Patients with tuberculosis should be treated promptly once they are diagnosed. The goal of rational chemotherapy ("chemotherapy") is to eliminate


The effect of air embolism on the human body

A large amount of air quickly enters the blood circulation or the gas that is originally dissolved in the blood is rapidly released, forming a bubble blocking the cardiovascular, called


Detailed diagnosis of spinal cord hemisection syndrome

The motor neurons in the ipsilateral limb below the plane of the spinal cord injury have deep sensation disappeared, and the pain in the contralateral limb disappears.


Eating grape anti-aging

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Health is just a rule

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Common stomach pain - gastritis

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