High incidence of respiratory diseases in spring

  • Time: 2014-02-12

Spring is the season of all things. The weather turns from cold to warm, grass and wood germinate, and everything recovers. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses also begin to multiply, and their vitality is enhanced. People are vulnerable to virus invasion and are therefore a season of high incidence of various respiratory diseases.

Since the beginning of the spring, the number of respiratory diseases in the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Emergency Department has risen sharply. Many large hospitals are overcrowded, and the problem of difficult registration and difficult medical treatment is very prominent. In order to better serve the majority of patients, the doctors' clinics of the special hospitals launched by the daily medical traffic of more than 10 million have opened up a green channel for online medical treatment. Patients can stay free of charge when they are not on the Internet.

The doctor-seeking medicine network has gathered about 1,200 regular hospitals in the country that can treat respiratory diseases, and the chief physician or deputy chief physician of several hospital respiratory medicine departments. In the doctor's office of a special hospital, you can find a doctor by region or specialist. The doctor's title, excels, introduction and the department of the hospital are displayed on the independent page in detail, so that patients can find a doctor who is suitable for their condition. In addition, the patient can see the disease article posted by the doctor and the doctor's previous question to the patient. If the patient has doubts about the disease, he can also conduct a one-on-one online consultation with the doctor through the business communication of the doctor's office. Patients with spring respiratory diseases have significantly increased, and patients who have not yet hanged the number can be free to make an appointment online through the doctor's office.

Everyone is likely to get sick. Everyone is likely to suffer from respiratory diseases. In spring, it is important to prevent respiratory diseases. "Spring and autumn and autumn", pay attention to ventilation, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and keep the airway mucosa moist. In addition, moderate exercise is an important guarantee for the health of the respiratory tract in spring. Moderate exercise keeps the alveoli in good vitality. The vitality of the lungs is critical to the health of the entire respiratory tract.